Online Casino Apps for Real Money

In our everyday lives, we can no longer do without smartphones and tablets – the casinos also know this and create corresponding offers. This means that it is no longer necessary to play games on a PC. Different website providers know how important it is to satisfy a wish of playing any time of day or night and adopt their technologies to mobile screens, or create sophisticating applications.

Imagine how important it is, especially if you find a place you are really in love with. And how disappointing it can be to get to know that a casino doesn’t provide a possibility to go from another device except for the computer. So think about that and for a preferable place choose the one that has thought about everything in advance.

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The Best Casino Apps List

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Here we would like to help you with going through a decision–making process and tell you about the places that our team of professionals has picked and honored to be called the best ones. And also we will share with you some important information – the criteria we look at when evaluating the casino apps that pay real cash.

  • So the first thing we are looking for, obviously, if here is a possibility to go from a mobile device itself. For example, some casinos may use the simplest method and just develop an adopted for small screens version of a site. Those, who are eager to give more and are ready to spend money, use modern technologies to develop a full-fledged application.
  • Secondly, we look at the ways a user can access the alternatives – to use special markets or download it directly from the site. If they provide the first option – we test it by going there and checking the speed of downloads.
  • Compatibility is other important criteria as some casino apps that pay real money are targeting users having particular operational systems or their games can be adapted only to a specific one. Obviously, the best case is when all operating systems are supported.
  • Last but not least important is checking the quality of the best online gambling apps – we compare the functions available at the desktop version and compare it to a downloaded one. It is made in order to see how well the payment methods are carried out, how the graphics and sounds look like, and what experience can gamblers expect from the games.

These are not the only ones but the most important criteria we test. Let’s see the results of the done work.

Casino Apps vs Mobile Casinos

New technologies can appear confusing sometimes and not even players but the professionals working in this field may get confused among offered opportunities. What is better – to install an app on the phone or just simply open a website in a browser? Let’s look at the most important factors that make difference in the question.

  • First of all, when creating mobile gambling apps, software developers put more attention and efforts in order to complete a project. Usually, a huge team of IT workers is struggling with writing codes. It is actually building a completely new gaming place from scratch but using a previous design. This way all necessary functions will be supported without any doubt. The only thing, it may be missing some features that are so beloved by users – such as games with live dealers.
  • The languages used by developers is not sometimes supported by old fashioned devices, those that are not really new or having old versions of operational systems. The best solution in a situation like this would be going to the browser – no extra actions are needed.
real money casino apps

Advantages and Disadvantages of Real Money Apps

Obviously, it is not easy immediately to decide whether it is worth all of the efforts of looking for and then getting a downloaded program. But we hope after studying the list you will know for sure how to act next time this question pops up in your mind.


  • Availability to play in favorite kinds of entertainment regardless of the physical location and time zone – we almost always have mobiles in our hands;
  • Usually, optimization of the interface, different functions, and, of course, games are way better so users have a way more enjoyable experience and get more satisfaction;
  • There are usually some bonuses offered when having a download completed – so make sure you do not miss a chance to get some extra funds to your account.


  • Now every place may have created an appropriate program or it is just being developed at the time – stay tuned in order not to miss it and be the first to try out;
  • Not all games can be adapted in such a way so there is a possibility you won’t see your favorite in a lobby or the amount of offered games will be lower than on the website;
  • A user may not have a device that supports those kinds of technologies – in this case, a web version is a great option.

How to Install a Casino App

  1. Firstly, make sure a device you are about to use is compatible with modern technologies. What is even more important – check if it has got enough free space. You won’t have a situation when finding a great place and not having an opportunity to play it because your phone or tablet is full of old photos or unnecessary files.
  2. Then when making sure everything works well, go to a list of recommended places, attentively study criteria, unique offers, and bonuses.
  3. When you have already made your mind, look at offered places where it can be installed from – a website, or special markets.
  4. Wait till the moment of downloading to be complete and create a new profile if you are a new user, or log in to your account.
  5. Enjoy a completely new and exciting experience no matter where you are – at home, on a vacation, or in a café! Good luck with your jackpots!

Top 3 Casino Apps in the United States

So, as the market has been expanding its size rapidly, lots of new websites appear daily, some new words and technologies find its realization, we are pretty sure that many people get confused in such a big variety. In order to bring some light into this topic we would like to, based on our professional researches and experience, make recommendations on the sites’ apps that have proved their right to be called the most modern and fully-fledged ones among all other competitors.

Using the criteria from the beginning of an article, we would recommend them to every person who wants to have a great time.

Slots Empire App – Definitely The Best One For Newcomers

It appeared some time ago and till this moment is being actively installed by thousands of players. This brand place has got really strong benefits to offer to the users and to stand out from the competitors.

  • Being short, we must admit – the main focus was definitely put on creating an efficient, attractive design and user – friendly interface. It provides extremely fast payments and easy access to all necessary sections;
  • It uses the most efficient security encryption to protect personal data and prevent the lack of information;
  • The place welcomes users of IOs and Android devices – anything you have will be good for making the first bet;
  • Strong side is also a bonus program as it includes welcome ones, free spins, and even cash back!
  • Support works extremely fast being ready to handle any type of issue.

Slots of Vegas App – For Unique Opportunities

  • From the beginning, it is called a queen of mobile arcade and user-friendly places created on smaller screens. We are thrilled how the developers have managed to package such a large size of data so clever and clear.
  • It mainly has providers in the game portfolio who have basically optimized their games completely mobile, so you hardly have to do without your favorite games here and for sure will find them in the lobby.
  • You even can see tournaments available in the app – so if you are getting tired from regular offers you are welcome to go for unique ones that you won’t find at any other place;
  • It is extremely fast and convenient so you won’t come across any types of delays caused by the technical side and make sure your Internet connection is satisfying.

Red Dog Casino App – Ready To Go For Extensive Bonuses?

  • This place is an indispensable part of the market and for a good reason. The professionalism of developers is seen here on every part of the screen. By the way, you can open it in your browser or install it from a market.
  • The most attractive part of it is offering high rewards to every new user, regular competitions, and daily promotions.
  • It is really fast and modern – looks like it just was created but the app has been around for an extended time has already got the necessary functions to be beloved by thousands.
  • Support can be contacted here in the most convenient way simply by pressing a necessary button – and you get a wizard who will help you with any of the problems you may have.

Where to Find Real Money Casino Apps

Well, usually the information about it is posted on the website. Some places have direct links published there and others send users to Play Market or App Store. Let’s look at all the options and how to make them happen.

iphone casino apps iPhone Casino Apps

Fans of technologies from Silicon Valley will be for sure satisfied with a list of iPhone online casino apps that are welcoming new players. You will be amazed by the speed and optimization of programs – for some people it may be even more convenient than using a computer. Check right now if it is about you as well!

android casino apps Android Casino Apps

The group of owners of mobiles on this operating platform around the world is huge. That’s why websites take care of their devoted users and try to create a special app as well. Do not have hesitations you can win a jackpot even when using only a small screen device! Why don’t you try Android online casino apps today?

ipad casino apps iPad Casino Apps

Is not it great to have fun in places from different corners of the world when sitting on a comfortable sofa? We know for sure you love your device and would not mind checking offered bonuses for getting casino apps on iPad. Look at the most generous ones to find the best for you.

What games can I find at Mobile Casino Apps?

So when a player knows what place he is going to, what rewards he will receive, what games should he expect to find? Let’s take a closer look at ones that are easy to be adapted and optimized for small screens without losing their imagined features.

real money slot apps Real Money Slot Apps

The slot remains to be one of the most iconic and most popular kinds of entertainment in history. Indeed, since its invention in 1894, lots of things have changed and our ancestors would not even dream about such a sweet opportunity as we have our days. Without having a need to go hundreds of kilometers, we can join a game in a matter of several minutes. Over the years, the algorithms in best casino apps have greatly improved, offering more fun, pleasure, and suspense. It provokes all kinds of emotions giving an unforgettable experience from slot apps.[/su_box]

real money blackjack apps Real Money Blackjack Apps

In blackjack, unless you are a very great expert, there is a number of questions that arise but it is still one of the most popular and cool entertainment. Going for it is pure fun which at the same time gives the opportunity to win large sums of funds. The first argument in favor of is undeniably convenience. Whether it’s 2 p.m. or 3 a.m., whether you’re dressed or not, you can join it anytime. In addition, the mobile version is just as developed and allows to have access everywhere, in traffic jams as in a waiting room. And beginners can train for free thanks to the fun mode.

real money roulette apps Real Money Roulette Apps

It has become a major kind of entertainment. Easy to understand, you just need to bet on the winning number, the one on which the ball is about to stop. It is therefore not only a game of chance but also of luck. All the key ingredients are there for the users to have a good time because it’s fun, with simple rules. You are welcome to play it when and where we want. Do not forget about the extensive rewards you can receive and we enjoy incredible bonuses. Check different options to get the best for you.

real money video poker apps Real Money Video Poker Apps

If you’ve been to a game of traditional poker in the past, you’ll have no trouble familiarizing yourself with the rules of this entertainment when going there from your device. Your main task will be to build the most powerful possible combination of the cards that have been given to you. Indeed, it is synonymous with adrenaline, suspense, and total immersion, especially if you play a live version. So you get closer to the atmosphere of the land casino. If you don’t know it yet, try it today, you won’t be disappointed.

Why Should People Use Casino Apps?

Thanks to all technologies allowing us to have better and more convenient lives, modern gamblers have a unique chance that seemed to be unreal some time ago – to enter a lobby any time there is a wish to do so. Gambling apps to win real money allow you to get easy and quick access to having fun. Reward systems allow you to get more benefits than even expected!

The places we recommend are all legal, secure, and respectful of your privacy. For example, their connections are protected using special protocols for you to enjoy the process with confidence. Why don’t you start playing today and become a part of a big community winning jackpots around the world?